Rachel Rasmussen
Dream big. Think well. Live with purpose.

Your Life Metaphor

Which Animal are You?

Life metaphors can help us gain new perspective and insight into ourselves. This quiz is designed to help you see more clearly the patterns and outcomes of how you approach life. So, which animal represents you? Find out now with this short, 12-question quiz.

Be Your Best You

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be more or do more in life? Do you feel like your dreams are out of reach? Have you settled for a life where your unique purposes are hidden in a back corner? Don't lose hope! My husband and I would like to offer you some strategies that forever changed our life course.


Challenge your thinking in topics of theology, spirituality, and practical living. Join Rachel in a process of analysing ideas, finding new connections, and developing new strategies for everyday living. Dive in...

Life Design

View free resources for designing your most extraordinary life. Get started at yourliferises.com.

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Rachel is an artist, creator, and educator.