Introducing When Heaven Invades Hell

By Joshua Rasmussen and Rachel Rasmussen

"How would you feel if I offered a separated soul a body of life and a place with us?"

God has asked a strange question. How will the citizens of heaven reply? You are about to witness the greatest debate in history.

In this novella, you will join the citizens of heaven as they decide whether to extend mercy to a citizen of hell. Moses builds a case for eternal judgment, and Adam builds a case for hope. The dialogue climaxes in a surprising revelation about the roots of evil and the purpose of life for all kingly creatures.

Is hell everlasting, or could every soul come into heaven eventually? After reading this work of fiction you will never think of this question in the same way. This book will leave you intrigued, challenged, and inspired.

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Higher Calling

The Real Struggle is Within...

Reality changes forever when a young graduate student from MIT finds herself in an alien facility overlooking planet Earth. Are these ETs here to save Earth from immanent destruction? Has she been chosen to help? Join Lisa Shields as she sorts through the layers of illusion, mind control, secret alliances, time manipulation, and the ultimate psychological and spiritual battle over human sovereignty.

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The Record of Dreams and Experiences

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The Sun
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Dreams about the sun

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The Moon
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The Sky
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Humanity Growing Up


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The Masses
In God's Image?


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The Church
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The Future
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Personal Guidance
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Meet Rachel

I am not defined by what I do. What I do flows from who I am.

Rachel Rasmussen

When I finished my graduate degree in science from the University of Notre Dame, I felt lost. I wondered, Who really am I? Who do I want to be? I was trained by a top school to research nanotechnology. But what was the point? What value is there in researching anything?

My mind kept returning to the big picture. What is the meaning of everything? Why are we all here? I knew that there was something more for me to do.

Over the next decade of my life, I discovered I needed to dismantle false identities and limiting beliefs so that I could get in touch with myself, regain my inner senses, and begin distinguishing between outside voices and my own voice.

As my mind and heart connected, my vision began to clear. As the fog dissipated, my deepest and most fulfilling purposes began to take form.

Seeking greater truth could cause an otherwise contented individual to become shaken and ungrounded. I know from experience. I am here to tell you that the truths you will discover will ground you more firmly than before.

Don't give up. Reality is on your side.